Together, we can build a thriving community of health and wellbeing.

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Working on the front lines of healthcare with the Midvale community, our providers constantly express how much they value the opportunity to work with our patients. Our patients are truly appreciative of the care they receive. We welcome health professionals, behavioral health providers, health educators, and office volunteers and will work with you to meet your scheduling needs.


Midvale CBC is a community organization, providing our local area with essential services that keep everyone healthier and more productive. We are a unique and vital asset to Midvale and our surrounding areas. Individuals that donate to Midvale CBC ensure that we are able to continue critical health and education programs for our neighbors in need. The security and confidentiality of your online donation is our highest priority-we use a secure payment processor. We are also happy to accept donations via mail or phone or explore other giving options. Donations of any size help. Contact Mauricio Agramont, Executive Director, (801) 647-0333,

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Start a fundraiser for Midvale CBC with your Facebook account and invite your friends to make a contribution. You can use the fundraiser to celebrate a personal event or just because.
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Philanthropists, businesses, government and community leaders partner with us to tackle pressing health and wellness problems in our community. With Midvale CBC, you can help to accelerate the pace of social change and make a difference that is felt today.
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BY DECEMBER 31, 2025

​Our community members

  • Routinely practice of health promoting behaviors

  • Prevent youth substance use, mental health problems, teen pregnancies, and suicide

  • Experience less isolation and more connectedness through parent support groups

  • Enforce healthy boundaries with children through courses like Guiding Good Choices

  • Participate in community health and wellness activities

  • Visit a dentist twice yearly

  • Participate in annual wellness visits

  • Experience fewer problems with asthma, hypertension and diabetes

  • Miss fewer days from work and school due to illness

  • Make fewer visits to the emergency department or urgent care for asthma, diabetes, COPD, and dental problems

BY DECEMBER 31, 2030

Together, our community

  • Prevents chronic diseases, like diabetes

  • Promotes mental health

  • Reduces social isolation

  • Is physically active 

  • Has greater access to affordable healthy foods

  • Enjoys better education, jobs, and incomes 

  • Experiences less medical debt

  • Enjoys better health for all

  • Shows the highest levels of connectedness, unity, and resilience


Your contributions of time, money or partnerships can make community healthier, stronger, and more resilient. Our community is worth your investment!